Character Creation

Standard character creation as per Force and Destiny rules.

Only classes from the Force and Destiny rulebook, no others allowed. As you only get 1 Force point when selecting one of these.

At least one specialization needs to be one with the lightsaber skill, as most of the beginning of the game revolves around finding ligthsaber crystals and aquiring the materials to build the hilt.

You have to option to take multiple specializations for your characters, Normally they cost 10xp per specialization. As I'm aksing for one with the lightsaber specialization, you get one free.
But only if you take one from the Force and Destiny rulebook, otherwise you pay the normal extra of 10 xp.

The best way is to have a concept and we try to make it with just Force and Destiny specializations but other specializations are allowed but ask first. If your idea can be made with just the Force and Destiny book don't use the others. It makes things easier for all of us.

Don't complete your character because you may want to change a few things when we begin play.

Character Creation

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